Making Time For Me in Six ways

I struggle every week when I start to write this as the first thing that I want to write is “Went to the Gym”.  Though some would think, that when I stay in bed that is more Making Time For Me!!  So, it was split this past week.  I went to the gym 3 timesContinue reading “Making Time For Me in Six ways”

Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows

I was nominated by Getting Though Anxiety for this feature.  B.G. writes about anxiety and how to make your way through that experience.  B.G. is also a contributing author on TheSeeds4Life blog that is also truly inspiring.  Thank you for the nomination B.G. The Rules: 1] Download the Rec’d & Wreck’d header and include it inContinue reading “Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows”