Family Divorce #thisis38

Yesterday my sister’s divorce was finalized.  Although, we had known it was in the works since January, I still had a really hard time.  Last week she let me know that it would in fact be final yesterday and that still didn’t really hit me. As soon as the text came through that it wasContinue reading “Family Divorce #thisis38”

Moving Forward Pt. 2

Yesterday as part of my What Do You Think About…Moving Forward? I shared this image Well….then yesterday on my TimeHop I found this… Looks like we had been admiring each other from afar, without actually telling each other for years!!!  Great minds think a like.  3 years ago we thought the exact same thing was worth givingContinue reading “Moving Forward Pt. 2”

What Do You Think About…Moving Forward?

My friend Jess over at Not The Average Mama sent this screen shot to me yesterday!!  For those of you who don’t know, Jess the stepmom to 2 of my children.  She is married to my ex-husband.  Due to the nature of how our relationship started, we were both VERY slow to warm up to eachContinue reading “What Do You Think About…Moving Forward?”

Nurturing Thursday

Happy to join Nurt Thurs – Forward with this post ….. Loved this quote very much. Powerful quote in simple words. I needed this today. Feel free to join with us …… ❤❤❤ Enjoy my earlier posts here. I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with Blogchatter. via Nurturing Thursday : Forward #MyFriendAlexaContinue reading “Nurturing Thursday”

What’s Left Behind — A Momma’s View

A wise person once told me that in order for something to return you need to let go first. During our journey of life we will face many situations where we need to make a decision. The decision about hanging on to something or letting it go. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s bloody hard. via What’sContinue reading “What’s Left Behind — A Momma’s View”

Just One Chapter

The other day I read a quote on Facebook and it really struck me, so I knew I needed to use it as blog inspiration. The quote went something like this, “sometimes you don’t get to keep everything you started out with.” This quote made me think of one of my favorite songs by theContinue reading “Just One Chapter”

Learning to Keep the Past in the Past

One of the lessons that I have been working the hardest on this year is keeping the past in the past.  It is also one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn.  It is difficult EVERY SINGLE day. How can I truly enjoy all that is happening in my present life if IContinue reading “Learning to Keep the Past in the Past”