A to Z Challenge: N stands for Nirvana

For a few years in High School I adopted an interest in alternative music.  This music genre to me is second only to Classic Rock.  I still remember all these bands and songs with fondness.  I can recite all the lyrics, own some of the albums still and get excited when they come on theContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: N stands for Nirvana”

A to Z Challenge: M stands for Madonna

OK, so as long as I can remember I have been a Madonna fan.  My next door neighbor when I was little had a cassette tape of Madonna, the first album.  This is still probably by far my most favorite.  Although, I have never owned it.  With songs like “Borderline” “Lucky Star” and “Holiday”, itContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: M stands for Madonna”

April Music Tag: Yourenotaloneinthisworld

I really wanted to make a tag about music and it’s April so I figured, why not the April Music Tag?   Rules:  Put the picture on your post. Thank and Tag the person who tagged/nominated you for this tag!  Tag who ever you’d like! As many blogs as you’d like!  Have fun!   ThankContinue reading “April Music Tag: Yourenotaloneinthisworld”

A to Z Challenge: L stands for Lennon, John Lennon

I realized shortly after I posted my quote yesterday, that I should have just waited for today.  That Mr. John Lennon is my muse for the L in the A to Z Challenge. So, I simply love the Beatles.  Which as a teenager, grew into a love for John Lennon.  So many of his songsContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: L stands for Lennon, John Lennon”

Lennon Quote for the Day

So, I have posted before about how much I love John Lennon.  How much I love the song “Beautiful Boy”.   If you don’t know it, do me a favor and listen to it!  Then tell me how much you love it.  It brings tears to my eyes every single time I hear it! QuoteContinue reading “Lennon Quote for the Day”

A to Z Challenge: K stands for Kiss

If someone would have showed me 30 years ago pictures of this band, I would have laughed and thought that they were just playing around.  25 years ago, I would have rolled my eyes and told you that there was no way that they could make music that would interest me. Then about 20 yearsContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: K stands for Kiss”

A to Z Challenge: J stands for Journey

I love Journey.  I have enjoyed them for a long time, I mean it has been on the radio for years.  There are certain songs that just stick in your head and when you are from 20 minutes outside Detroit we all take pride in “born and raised in south Detroit” from “Don’t Stop Believin’”Continue reading “A to Z Challenge: J stands for Journey”

A to Z Challenge: I stands for Billy Idol

I’ll have to admit when I was making my list of who I would write about each day, I got stuck on I for a minute.  I didn’t want to “settle” for something (someone) who fit the letter, but that I didn’t feel passionately enough toward to write about. Then it hit me….Billy Idol. Now,Continue reading “A to Z Challenge: I stands for Billy Idol”

A to Z Challenge: H stands for Hall and Oates

OK, so I was born in 1980, as I got old enough to truly appreciate music record players were quickly being replaced by CD players.  For like 1 year before I owned a CD player, I did own a record player and I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough.  It was a whole stereo system withContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: H stands for Hall and Oates”

A to Z Challenge: G stands for Green Day

Green Day, Green Day, Green Day. I am going to be completely honest and say that I have only ever owned 1 Green Day CD and I don’t even have one currently.  When I was a Freshman in high school, in 1994 I owned Dookie.  I listened to it all day, every day and lovedContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: G stands for Green Day”