I had a rough one yesterday. It started out just fine.  I was minding my own business at work.  Doing my thing (and doing it well, might I add), when out of nowhere I got SHIT all over. I don’t know how or why it happened.  Why it happened in this particular manner on thisContinue reading “Yesterday…”

What Do You Think About…People being Clouds in our Lives?

I read this quote yesterday on Facebook.  It really sat with me and I thought about it the rest of the night.  Then it was the first thing that I thought about this morning, so I knew that I needed to post about it. Do you have anyone is who this “cloud” in your life?Continue reading “What Do You Think About…People being Clouds in our Lives?”

One Empty Glass

Yesterday I wrote about a couple of things that I talked to my Therapist about on Monday. Those posts are Therapy Yesterday and What Do You Think About…GUILT. There was one other thing that we touched on in the last few minutes of my session.  A negative person in my life who has been sucking the life outContinue reading “One Empty Glass”