Happy New Year #Thisis38

The quote that I received for the day was “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”  What a wonderful idea to start 2019 with. This year I will be Intentional.  I will go back to intentionally taking care of myself, therefore being able to take care of my husband, my kids and the lifeContinue reading “Happy New Year #Thisis38”

REBLOG: Me in the Middle ~ Welcome 2019 — Me In The Middle

******************** Courage, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Tolerance, Joyfulness and Service. So how did I do over this past year of 2018? None of these virtues come to any of us that easily. It takes a transcendent mindset to be able to rise above the very human struggles we all go through no matter what our age. Courage […]Continue reading “REBLOG: Me in the Middle ~ Welcome 2019 — Me In The Middle”

How We Can Transform

Even an old dog (37 years) can learn new tricks. I have made a promise to myself in this new year to take hold of my life, myself and cultivate what matters.  Starting with me, the me on the inside that no one else can see.  The me that needs to be happy and fedContinue reading “How We Can Transform”

Living the Life you Want

We all can use all the motivation we can get!!  Here’s to starting a new year for those of us who want to do more. There are 24 hrs in a day, some say that’s not enough.  There are 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year…again it never seems like enough.  IfContinue reading “Living the Life you Want”