Online Dating

I’m watching a show on A&E about online dating. These are not the positive, lovely, happy ever after stories you see in the commercials. These stories are about women who ended up raped, beaten or stalked. It has me thinking. First and foremost, so grateful nothing like this ever happened to me. For about 8Continue reading “Online Dating”

Yes, we met online

This is still one of my favorite posts.  I get asked all the time how Paul and I met. When I tell people that we met online I get a very mixed review of responses.  You know what???  I am OK with that.  It is what it is and it is working 🙂 I amContinue reading “Yes, we met online”

Recycling? Didn’t know it was THIS bad? (Dating)

Originally posted on survivednarc:
Am I scraping the bottom of the barrel here? Is my city of 1.5 million people really this small? Will I have to move abroad? Will I have to join the army for real, just to be able to find men?  The other day, on the dating site, an ex of…

Yes, we met online

I am watching Bravo reality TV, no big shock there.  Though a commercial just came on comparing online dating sites.  Comparing a site that you don’t pay for vs. one that you do.  That got me thinking about our love story.  Coming up on our 4 year anniversary of when we first spoke, I loveContinue reading “Yes, we met online”