OOLA #Thisis38

I get these images with inspiration into my Facebook feed every day.  They are amazing, always inspiring and often exactly what I need to hear. In 2018 I was introduced to Living OOLA.  OOLA which is short for “ooh-la-la” and is a lifestyle based on finding balance in an unbalanced life.  I read the bookContinue reading “OOLA #Thisis38”

Blog Swap! Get Yourself Organized — Me, Myself and Everything Else

Seriously though. Get organized. Like NOW. Drop what you’re doing (after you read this post) and hop to it! Wait, wait! Hang on a quick second though. Guess what day it is! Well you probably already guessed it, but it’s BLOG SWAP day! (Yes it’s been awhile but hush, we’ve been busy). I’m taking overContinue reading “Blog Swap! Get Yourself Organized — Me, Myself and Everything Else”