May You Always

As I imagine most writers do, I often get inspired by the things around me.  Whether it is something happening in my home, a meme that I see on Facebook or things that are going on in the world. This came across my Facebook news feed and I felt like I needed to share it. Continue reading “May You Always”

Quote of the Week

I have a very hard time trying to be “perfect”.  I know that there is no such thing and it is an unattainable achievement.  So, it is always a let down.  I need to remember that I am already the perfect version of me. I always have this feeling that sometimes I need to beContinue reading “Quote of the Week”

Reblog: Perfection

Sophia SinclairI can spend hours trying to think of the most cliché beautiful lines in hopes that someone will quote me one day, but the reality of that is it isn’t me. I don’t speak in a poetic kind of way that makes people’s hearts melt, that’s not me. I swear, I yell and I… viaContinue reading “Reblog: Perfection”