Enneagram: What Number Are You??

I am super fascinated by the Enneagram.  Annie F. Downs who I just think is incredible talks about it all the time.  She asks all the guests on her podcast what number they are, or tries to guess for herself.  The Enneagram isn’t about putting people in boxes, it is about understanding what makes peopleContinue reading “Enneagram: What Number Are You??”

More Enneagram

I wrote a post earlier today about how much I love the Enneagram. Encouraging others to also take this test. Enneagram: What Number Are You?? I have taken the test multiple times from multiple sites and my results are always the same.  I am a 3, with a 2 wing.  Here is a little more infoContinue reading “More Enneagram”

The Worst Parts of My Personality — The Shimmer Within Her

I’m loud, overbearing and a little too controlling. I create problems that aren’t even there, have to make sure everything is done before I can relax and and at times forget that what others want for themselves is more important than what I want for them. But if you can’t handle this strong woman withContinue reading “The Worst Parts of My Personality — The Shimmer Within Her”