Presence over Presents

I am the first to say, I don’t need gifts.  I am happy with people remembering to send me wishes and I do love a good card!!  Homemade or store bought, but with writing, always with writing!! Anyhow, yesterday on Christmas we had the opportunity to discuss with many groups of people the gifts thatContinue reading “Presence over Presents”

Important Gifts #Thisis38

In my Devotion for yesterday was a message that hit real close to home.  A message about the most important gifts that we give to others. Have you guys seen those images/posts on Facebook about “Presence over Presents”?  Well, I love those.  For multiple reasons.  The first being that I have a very difficult timeContinue reading “Important Gifts #Thisis38”

Presence not Presents

It is the last day of Christmas vacation.  Yesterday our oldest 3 children went back to their mothers house.  Today 2 of our other children will go back to their dads house.  Then it will be just our little family of 3 for 3 days. Last night I realized that many of my friends have postedContinue reading “Presence not Presents”