Nothing to Lose

Hello, my name is Stephanie and one of my biggest challenges and maybe also biggest strengths is that I will tell you exactly what is on my mind. Want to know what I really think about something?  Just ask, because once it is out there in the universe I have a very difficult time keepingContinue reading “Nothing to Lose”

Public Speaking

I have done quite a few more training’s in the last year.  Plus, I have written at least 4 more training’s that I can think of.  I also presented at the Michigan Association for the Education of the Young Child twice this year. As I opened my Time Hop this morning, I noticed that 2 ofContinue reading “Public Speaking”

Today is the Day

For the last year, I have been looking forward to when today would arrive.  I am headed off to the west side of the state with a couple of my co-workers.  We are all presenting at an Early Childhood Conference over the next couple of days. I instruct (train) early childhood professionals for a living.  Usually,Continue reading “Today is the Day”