Co-Parenting #Thisis38

My Timehop this morning is the inspiration for this post. Maybe what we decided to do on this day 8 years ago was setting us on the right path!  The path of respectful co-parenting.  Co-parenting done right.  The kind of co-parenting where we get compliments and kudos all the time. Maybe this, this right here […]

Can we raise our children to be heroes, not rapists? — lisapomerantzster: Are we there yet?

“Be honest with them right? Tell them your own struggles, how you made it through, stronger and better!! Everyone has a story to tell. A boy who took advantage of them when they were younger, making it through a trying divorce or simply navigating the waters to find out who we really are. Not being […]

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2 (with a few days off)

I was nominated by my friend over at You’re Not Alone In This World.  Seriously go check her out because she is a pretty amazing young lady!!  Not to mention one of my true friends in the Blogosphere. I had a busy few days and completely forgot about this challenge, so Day 2 is being […]

Raising an Adult

Last week sometime I got into a disagreement with with my 7 year old son James.  We were watching tv together, along with my 6 year old daughter.  My daughter had just asked me something, that I answered.  Not more than 2 seconds later, James also asked me something, that had he paid attention to […]