Most Important

I had a rough day today. Went back to where I used to work. I left there 7 months ago and never really had any intention of going back. However, a friend asked me to come do her a favor, so I did. I got to see some old coworkers that I wanted to seeContinue reading “Most Important”

Relationships #Thisis38

On the Eve of my 7th wedding anniversary, I wanted to talk for a minute about what a relationship looks like to me. Last night, my husband and I stayed up for over an hour talking after we had “gone to bed” for the night.  It started with one thing and led down a pathContinue reading “Relationships #Thisis38”

Reflecting with my Hubby

Over the last two weekends Paul and I have been able to spend some time out without the kids. These opportunites truly are few and far between.  We always enjoy the chance to spend time as husband and wife. Last week it was Paul’s company Christmas party.   We were uncertain about what to expect sinceContinue reading “Reflecting with my Hubby”