My Man

In many ways I think my husband knew EXACTLY what he was getting himself into when he asked me to marry him. In other ways, I’m not sure that he realized the wounds were still so open. That they still needed so much love, time to heal and would still open back up from timeContinue reading “My Man”

7 Years #Thisis38

Our 7 year wedding anniversary is today! 7 years 6 Children 5 Corporate America Jobs 4 Different Homes 3 Road Trips (almost) Texas in 2014, Kansas City in 2015 and Disney will be March 2019 (2 months) 2 Family Dogs 1 Marriage that works for us!  

What Do You Think About….Life After Love

There are some of us who get into a marriage at a young age.  Stay with that one person for the entirety of our lives and live happily ever after. Then there are those of us that get burned by love some time.  We either fall in love with someone who doesn’t fall back forContinue reading “What Do You Think About….Life After Love”