It turns out, I was right!!

So yesterday I posted “I Know and Thank You“. I thought about writing this post before I did it.  I thought that if it was her and she wanted to identify herself then she could.  If it wasn’t her then it wouldn’t much matter.  Lastly, if she wasn’t comfortable identifying herself, then everything would continueContinue reading “It turns out, I was right!!”

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

I was nominated by my friend over at You’re Not Alone In This World.  Seriously go check her out because she is a pretty amazing young lady!!  Not to mention one of my true friends in the Blogosphere. The quotes are an ode to women!!! Yesterday, I found out that I have been following myContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3”

REBLOG:  Do I Really Need to Know Anything about the OW?

I felt like this post really spoke to me.  OW, meaning “other woman”.  Some people don’t have to know the woman who broke up their marriage.  Others, like myself, see them on a weekly basis for nearly 6 years now.  Everyone’s journey is different. Source: Do I Really Need to Know Anything about the OW?