Home Team

Who is on your “home team”? When the going gets rough?  Who is your go-to?  Who are the people that you know will always show up for you, that will come in the middle of the night and will help you get through when everything seems like it is falling apart? Aside from my husband,Continue reading “Home Team”

Stephanie C

A friend of mine wrote this about me and it made me so happy!  I had to share it.  All I have ever hoped for in going through my experience, the ups and the downs, was that someday I could help someone! Looks like maybe I have 🙂 Wednesday’s are going to be my daysContinue reading “Stephanie C”

Thankful Thursday: Week 1 of 2017

I am using Thursday’s on here reflect on the things I am thankful for!  Sometimes in all the craziness we forget that there is SO MUCH good.  Every week I will make a list of the things that I am thankful for.  Maybe there will be similarities every single week, but I’m hoping that thereContinue reading “Thankful Thursday: Week 1 of 2017”

Why I stay Strong

Sometimes life is hard.  There are things that we can’t plan for.  People that we can’t plan for.  No matter what life throws us at, we can always find a reason to keep on keepin’ on.   Keep your head up! Life is hard. ..it’s real F***ing hard.   I know it isn’t only hard forContinue reading “Why I stay Strong”

Strong Women

I forgot that I even wrote this.  It was written one year ago, so it showed up on my Timehop today!! Damn is it a GOOD post!!  LOL, not to toot my own horn or anything. Women are so incredibly strong.  Though, some have it so completely wrong.  Why do we spend so much timeContinue reading “Strong Women”

Tuesday at Ten {Strong}

When I first saw this word, I wasn’t sure where to go with it. Do I talk about what it means to be Strong? Do I talk about what I think of when I see/hear the word Strong? Maybe I talk about the Strength of a bond?  Or Love? Maybe I talk about the StrengthContinue reading “Tuesday at Ten {Strong}”

Reblog: Alpha Female

So, I read this great article by Andrea Wesley on The Bolde entitled “The Dating Struggles of an Alpha Female” and sighed. This is so me. I am an alpha female. I have a tribe. A tribe of other women who are alpha females. I am not alone. What was interesting was that I couldContinue reading “Reblog: Alpha Female”