Teenage Spotlight: 2/11

Here’s my take on being a teenager in 2017~ Being a teenager in 2017 can mean so many things. Our lives are based around the concepts of acceptance, opportunity and rejection resulting in questions beyond our comprehension and doubt in our identities and self worth. Acceptance is such a great obstacle for us because itContinue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 2/11”

Teenage Spotlight: 1/28/17

Written by Megan: Go check her out at https://marmellablog.wordpress.com   So this is my post: Well i’m 15 and from Wales in the UK. You might be thinking that being me being 15 that I haven’t been through a lot but honestly I have. Firstly, My dad died a fortnight before he was going to visitContinue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 1/28/17”

Teenage Spotlight: 1/14/17

Being a 15 years old Indian teenager I believe this stage of one’s life is the most challenging one be it emotionally or physically. its the period of life when one gets overpowered with feelings of distress,doldrums and undoubtedly loneliness. It becomes even worse in a place I belong to. parents become more than strictContinue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 1/14/17”

Teenage Spotlight: 1/7/17

I am currently a 16 year old girl living in the United States. It is not easy being a teenager in 2016. Constant stress, disappointment, and anxiety fill my everyday life more than I thought it ever could. So much is expected of me every day. Wake up at 7:00. Go to school until 3:00.Continue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 1/7/17”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/29

What is it like to be a teenager in 2016? To be honest it’s kinda like a box.. Either your in and you wanna get out or you’re out and you wish you were in. There are multiple boxes but this is the limited edition teenage version. This box is pop culture, its social media,Continue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/29”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/22

Hi, I’m Hannah.  I blog at Can’t Be Sad In This Rad Life. Well let’s start off with the fact that I’m 17 and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing after high school. I might go to college, I’m not really sure yet. I’ve learned that it’s possible to make a living off of aContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/22”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/15

Hi, I’m Emily {https://emilysjournalsite.wordpress.com/}. I am fifteen in 2016. I am a female, adopted, Chinese, teen who also happens to be personally fighting the stigma mental illnesses face. How does that work? Well, I fight the stigma, I fight the sexism, I fight the racism, and I fight the typical stereotyping that everyone faces andContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/15”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/8

Hi I’m Jordyn Thompson my blog is JordynGraceThompson Blog – Teen stuff https://jordyngracethompson.wordpress.com/ Being a teen In 2016 is one word. Difficult. We are different. From any other generation. We’re growing up in a continuous world that is constantly changing more then ever before. Take the 2016 election, being a teenager through this controversial event is veryContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/8”