Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 7/7

This post is brought to you by Olive from Independent Olive.  Thank you so much for participating 🙂 Being a teenager in 2016 is hard. There’s pressure. There’s expectation. There’s hardships. The pressure of getting a boyfriend. The expectation of the things you will proceed to do with him. The hardships of friendships whilst jugglingContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 7/7”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/30

Today’s post is written by Jay at Teenagenomadblog. Being a teenager is hard, yes, even more so I feel like in 2016. There are all these standards we don’t meet and expectations we can’t reach. We are often misunderstood by the world, but we don’t let people see it. We wear a facade for soContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/30”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/23

My greetings! I wrote this to describe the life of a teen. I am Srijan. From WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE A TEEN. Part 1 It feels like a drop, waiting to hit the ground beneath. It feels like that the textures that needs to be there, takes time to develop. The ‘textures’Continue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/23”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/16

If you are interested in participating in the Thursday Teenage Spotlight, please connect with me on here or e-mail me at You just have to be a “teen” between 12 and 20. Then willing to post about what it is like to be a teenager in 2016. Being A 2016 Teen: Hello, I’m InspiredContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/16”


OK, if you are teen, please read this and consider taking part in this.  If you already have, spread the word to your friends and tell them that they should take part in it.  If you are not a teen, spread the word to any blogger you know that may be a teen. I amContinue reading “I need some TEEN BLOGGERS”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/9

If you are interested in participating in the Thursday Teenage Spotlight please contact me at  Open to all “teens” 12-20 who are willing to post about what it is like being a teen in 2016! Being a Teen in 2016 When you talk to someone from generations past, you’ll often hear them say, “OhContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/9”

Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 5/12

Thank you to Elm for providing today’s Guest post.   If you are interested in writing your own teenage post, please check out the blog that started it all.  “Calling All Teenage Bloggers“ Hi! My name’s Elm, and I blog at Just Call me Elm or Something. I’m 16 and I come from England. In someContinue reading “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 5/12”