5 Favorite TV Shows

Today I wanted to use my Five for Friday to talk about my most favorite shows right now. 1. Grey’s Anatomy: Yes, I have been watching it from the very beginning.  I still love it and look forward to watching it every week. 2. A Million Little Things: My favorite new show.  It pulls atContinue reading “5 Favorite TV Shows”

Thankful Day 8&9

  8. A family member that I am thankful for: my husband, Paul! Yesterday an old-worker, friend of mine posted on Facebook about her sister that is in an abusive relationship.  She is so worried and scared for her sister.  I honestly can’t even imagine. What I did think about though was the relationship thatContinue reading “Thankful Day 8&9”

What Do You Think About….TWD??

OK, so the 7th season started on Sunday.  The Walking Dead!  If you would have told me that I would be in love with a TV show about Zombies, I would have told you that you are crazy. 4 years ago while I was on maternity leave, my husband suggested we start watching it. TheContinue reading “What Do You Think About….TWD??”

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 30

Day 31) I decided that since Fav. Season finale is on here twice, that this one should be favorite Series Finale instead!!! So for that my answer is Parenthood.  I have watched it no less than 25 times since it aired in January of 2015.  It is still on my DVR and it still makesContinue reading “July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 30”

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 29

Day 29) Worst Finale Cliff Hanger: Well if it was terrible, chances are good that I wouldn’t have remembered it that well.  However the one that I believe most people had a lot of questions about was the ‘United States of Tara” series finale.  If you haven’t watched the show, you should.  All 3 seasonsContinue reading “July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 29”

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 28

Day 28) Favorite Season Finale: That would be FRIENDS the finale of Season 7.  This episode is Monica and Chandler’s wedding.  In the beginning of the episode Phoebe finds a positive pregnancy test and assumes that it belongs to Monica.  You go through the rest of the show thinking that it is Monica’s.  Until theContinue reading “July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 28”