5 Favorite TV Shows

Today I wanted to use my Five for Friday to talk about my most favorite shows right now. 1. Grey’s Anatomy: Yes, I have been watching it from the very beginning.  I still love it and look forward to watching it every week. 2. A Million Little Things: My favorite new show.  It pulls at […]

Thankful Day 8&9

  8. A family member that I am thankful for: my husband, Paul! Yesterday an old-worker, friend of mine posted on Facebook about her sister that is in an abusive relationship.  She is so worried and scared for her sister.  I honestly can’t even imagine. What I did think about though was the relationship that […]

What Do You Think About….TWD??

OK, so the 7th season started on Sunday.  The Walking Dead!  If you would have told me that I would be in love with a TV show about Zombies, I would have told you that you are crazy. 4 years ago while I was on maternity leave, my husband suggested we start watching it. The […]

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 30

Day 31) I decided that since Fav. Season finale is on here twice, that this one should be favorite Series Finale instead!!! So for that my answer is Parenthood.  I have watched it no less than 25 times since it aired in January of 2015.  It is still on my DVR and it still makes […]

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 29

Day 29) Worst Finale Cliff Hanger: Well if it was terrible, chances are good that I wouldn’t have remembered it that well.  However the one that I believe most people had a lot of questions about was the ‘United States of Tara” series finale.  If you haven’t watched the show, you should.  All 3 seasons […]

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 28

Day 28) Favorite Season Finale: That would be FRIENDS the finale of Season 7.  This episode is Monica and Chandler’s wedding.  In the beginning of the episode Phoebe finds a positive pregnancy test and assumes that it belongs to Monica.  You go through the rest of the show thinking that it is Monica’s.  Until the […]