Ten Minutes: Living in My Body

Do you ever think of your body as a friend?  Do you have compassion toward it?  What would it look like for you? -Shauna Niequist This was the question at the end of my devotional this morning.  It really spoke to me, so I knew that I needed to write about it. From Sunday to […]

How Do I Begin…

I don’t know what to say. I certainly don’t know how I would say it. How could I tell you what I feel in my heart? How can I explain to you what this means to my family? Can I possibly make you understand how unexpected, surprising and meaningful this is? Can I share with […]

The Miranda Sings Award

Thank you, Thank you for the nomination Pensitivity101.  I have just recently started following you, so I love that you thought of me for this award.  Again, my philosophy on awards is DO THEM.  When someone takes the time and effort to nominate you, you accept the nomination and pay it forward by recognizing other […]