Control What You Can

I am a control freak. Whem things feel out of my control, I am in a downward spiral. A spiral that will take everyone nearby into it. Over the last few weeks I have been working everyday to focus on what I can directly influence, let go of external stuff. Plan for what I canContinue reading “Control What You Can”

Action vs Intention

In my devotional this morning I read this “Have you ever noticed, that we tend to judge others by their actions, but that we judge ourselves by our intentions?” Andy Knight YouVersion I haven’t ever thought of this idea before, but it makes so much sense. I mean, when we do something we know theContinue reading “Action vs Intention”

Back to Therapy #40in2020

Almost 5 years ago now, I went to therapy for the first time. I was self destructing and I needed some help. After some guidance from my husband, I decided to take the leap. This continued for over a year until we moved. Everything felt much better and I didn’t seek out a new therapist.Continue reading “Back to Therapy #40in2020”

While I was gone..

5 years!! Perhaps taking too many breaks or just the right amount of breaks. Pulling inspiration from my family, my friends and my life. Rolling with how I am feeling any given year, week and day. MAKING TIME FOR ME has been the best therapy this girl could’ve ever had. It has always been EXACTLYContinue reading “While I was gone..”

TBF: My Fourth Therapy Session

It has been a little while since I went to Therapy.  Both due to time and finances right now.    So, I am throwing it back to a therapy session post. Alright, so upon completing blogs about my first 3 sessions, I realized that I have left out a couple of important to me detailsContinue reading “TBF: My Fourth Therapy Session”

Guest post: ‘How I overcame hurdles in my life through Psychotherapy’

My Guest Post from Yesterday This weekend we have a guest post from my blogger friend Stephanie, who opens up about how she sought help through psychotherapy many years after a difficult relationship. Thank you Stephanie! Hi, … Source: Guest post: ‘How I overcame hurdles in my life through Psychotherapy’

FBF: My Mental Health

It has been about thirteen months since I started seeing my therapist.  I typically go every 2 weeks, but sometimes it is more like 3 or 4, depending on our schedules.  I can handle myself better now because of the tools she has given me. Here it is.  My confession, my fresh start and perhapsContinue reading “FBF: My Mental Health”