FBF: My Mental Health

It has been about thirteen months since I started seeing my therapist.  I typically go every 2 weeks, but sometimes it is more like 3 or 4, depending on our schedules.  I can handle myself better now because of the tools she has given me. Here it is.  My confession, my fresh start and perhapsContinue reading “FBF: My Mental Health”

Wednesday’s Therapy Session

I had therapy yesterday for the first time since the kids were back in school.  I think that the last time I went was the week after my birthday.  So, it had been a little while. Sessions always start the same, “so tell me what’s been going on ?”  Then whatever I can think ofContinue reading “Wednesday’s Therapy Session”

Therapy Session: Monday August 22nd

I had therapy yesterday for the first time in about a month.  Hillary was on vacation so we had to push off our normal every other week visit. I was very excited to go yesterday to talk to her.  I feel like it always helps me understand myself and others better.  That is the goalContinue reading “Therapy Session: Monday August 22nd”

Therapy Yesterday

I had therapy yesterday afternoon.  Which I always look forward to, but yesterday was in a whole different way. She always starts off by saying, “so whats new?”  Then that usually sparks enough of something for us to keep going through out hour.  Whether because of the way I am speaking about it or theContinue reading “Therapy Yesterday”

Yesterday’s Therapy Session

So, yesterday I went to therapy.  It was long over due and had become completely obvious. I have an intense need to talk about my thoughts and my feelings.  Talking to my husband, my friends and family is amazing and most of the time is all the therapy that I need.  Every couple of weeks,Continue reading “Yesterday’s Therapy Session”

First Therapy Session

So, this whole therapy thing is a pretty good gig.  You answer all these questions on an intake form, from that they can come up with a Million reasons why you may have landed in their office.  They start with the basics, listen to you answer them out loud and pay close attention to howContinue reading “First Therapy Session”