REBLOG: Ways to Brainstorm Blog Ideas

1. Take notice of blog comments. If you have an active blog that gets even a few comments, don’t just leave them to go by unnoticed — draw every little bit of ammunition you can from them by taking every single comment and turning it into a question or topic to write about on yourContinue reading “REBLOG: Ways to Brainstorm Blog Ideas”

Blogging Tips and Advice from Dream Big, Dream Often

Here are a few tips I offer to some of my fellow bloggers. Most of these I mention because I have noticed a few “mistakes” on pages during my morning networking session. Here are my blogging tips, advice and blog strategies for 5/19/16: Use spell check and proofread your writing before hitting send. Keep posts […]Continue reading “Blogging Tips and Advice from Dream Big, Dream Often”

Early on Blogging Advice

Yesterday, I had a girlfriend of mine reach out to me and ask a favor. She said that she was really interested in getting started with a blog.  Since she knew that I blogged she wanted to know if I could give her some tips or suggest anything that could make her blog successful. HereContinue reading “Early on Blogging Advice”