Oh What A Beautiful Morning…

I woke up with a headache.  However, I slept so good last night.  That surely was what my body needed after the running around my brain did all day. First thing this morning, I turned around to look at my husband.  He was already awake, I had slept through the alarm.  That virtually never happens. Continue reading “Oh What A Beautiful Morning…”

Toxic People #thisis38

Over the course of my life there have been times where I’ve lost chunks of friends. Typically, this is because of life. Whether it be moving, changing jobs or just growing apart. It is a part of life that I honestly have never got used to. Every time it happens, I’m once again surprised andContinue reading “Toxic People #thisis38”

One Empty Glass

Yesterday I wrote about a couple of things that I talked to my Therapist about on Monday. Those posts are Therapy Yesterday and What Do You Think About…GUILT. There was one other thing that we touched on in the last few minutes of my session.  A negative person in my life who has been sucking the life outContinue reading “One Empty Glass”