Tuesday’s are the worst

I hadn’t noticed it before the stay at home order, but since it started, Tuesday’s seem to be the hardest day of the week.  Yesterday, was no different.  For some reason our emotions are always higher on Tuesday’s, but we look for the good. We always get out of the house on Tuesday’s for anContinue reading “Tuesday’s are the worst”

A Good Tuesday

Tuesday’s are the day that I cry.  Well, for the last 5 weeks anyway.  In this Quarantine, Tuesday’s have seemed to be the hardest day for me. They are the day I am most worried, most anxious and get the bad news.  They are the days that I am emotional, exhausted and never feel likeContinue reading “A Good Tuesday”

What Do You Think About….Lowering Your Expectations?

My friend Tikeetha over at A Thomas Point of View wrote a post yesterday about perspective that inspired my thoughts for this post.  Go over and take a look, she is brilliant. I have written a couple of posts that touch on the subject, but haven’t really used it as a focus. Lowering our Expectations!!  WhatContinue reading “What Do You Think About….Lowering Your Expectations?”