Meet and Greet: 8/27/16

Go check it out!! Dream Big, Dream Often It’s the Meet and Greet weekend!! Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post.Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone!Edit your reblog post and add tags.Feel free to leave yourContinue reading “Meet and Greet: 8/27/16”

Niki’s Meet & Greet: Check It Out

Welcome to the party! It’s been awhile since I’ve hosted but make yourself at home! There’s plenty of snacks and appetizers! I have refreshments but I know on a hot summer night there’s nothing better than your favorite refreshing beverage to sip as you mingle. So by all means, set yours on the table afterContinue reading “Niki’s Meet & Greet: Check It Out”

Our Father’s Day Weekend

As our weekend comes to a close, I am laying on the couch reflecting on the events that took place. James and Jordan just got picked up to go back to their Dad and Jess’s house until Wednesday. The love of my life is asleep on the couch and my little love fell asleep inContinue reading “Our Father’s Day Weekend”

Weekend Meet & Greet with Niki

Welcome to the party! Excuse the mess, this weekend snuck up on me! So have a seat and make yourself cozy. This weekend we’re having a pizza party, so let me know what your favorite kind of pizza and drink in the comments and we’ll place our order!😉 via Meet & Greet! Pizza Party — The RichnessContinue reading “Weekend Meet & Greet with Niki”

A great Saturday

Had a wonderful day.   Went to the grocery store first thing,  in my pajamas.   Because when you go at 7am, that’s acceptable. Came home,  made breakfast and got a pork roast going in the crock pot for dinner. Threw in some laundry and have been on the couch watching Nurse Jackie with the hubby forContinue reading “A great Saturday”