Is the Electoral College Necessary? — millennialmomof2

It never made sense to me. This whole electoral college thing. It didn’t make sense to me as a 10 year old, 14 year old, 18 year old or even a 22 year old. But today it does. Let me tell you why. I recently moved to a relatively small town in Iowa from the […]Continue reading “Is the Electoral College Necessary? — millennialmomof2”

Minding My Business — A Thomas Point of View

I struggled with the title of this post. I was unsure whether or not to call it “Haters Gonna Hate” or “Losers Never Win” but opted for the above post. Why? Because I want to talk to you about something that has been on my mind lately. I’ve always been honest here right? This is […]Continue reading “Minding My Business — A Thomas Point of View”

Killer Clowns – So Much More Than Just A Harmless Prank. — After The Rain

This is happening in Michigan in the U.S. too.  It is so ridiculous and someone who does it is going to get seriously hurt here pretty soon. There have been school lock-downs, bank robberies and overall terror spread around.  These people need to find something better to do with their time. Hot topic among theContinue reading “Killer Clowns – So Much More Than Just A Harmless Prank. — After The Rain”

7 reasons why I want to kill Grumpy Boyfriend

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes?   Oops, pardon! Wrong title. What I meant was 7 reasons why I want to slap Grumpy Boyfriend in the face. I must apologise if I seem a bit violent today. The thing is, I was in the middle of writing a… Source: 7 reasons why I wantContinue reading “7 reasons why I want to kill Grumpy Boyfriend”

A Girl’s World

The post was written by a Teenage blogger that found me this week.  When inquiring about the Teenage Spotlight series, she asked if I would share this post for it.  Well, it didn’t fit that feature.  However, it is well worth sharing! Sometimes I wonder how many boys walk down the street and hear whistles,Continue reading “A Girl’s World”

The Art of Keeping a Journal

I found this post while I was looking at a different post.  It was on the bottom in the “related articles.”  I kept a journal, 1 a year from the ages of 10 to 25.  Once I started dating my ex-husband, I put the journals behind me.  I no longer have them, I thought IContinue reading “The Art of Keeping a Journal”