Transformation Tuesday: After 2 weeks

Well, the scale didn’t go down this week. ¬†That being said, I had a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn’t. I am in that very fun time of month for women ūüėČ ¬†You know what I am talking about! I was on vacation for over the weekend¬†and I drank and ate what I wanted to. TheContinue reading “Transformation Tuesday: After 2 weeks”

More Time in the New Year

Here it is the first Monday in 2017. ¬†The first time that I am posting for Making Time For Me Monday. This will be the space where I talk about how I managed to get some ME time in this busy household. ¬†What does my ME time look like? ¬†And what is most important toContinue reading “More Time in the New Year”