Thankful Day 3

A friend of mine shared this yesterday on Facebook.  I was moved by it, so I decided to copy it and play along myself.  Since I have already written a post for day 1 and day 2, I will just answer those quickly. 1. A memory I am thankful for…remembering 4 of my great grandparentsContinue reading “Thankful Day 3”

Me Too #thisis38

My husband was made aware of something over the weekend that lead us to some really deep and at times dark conversation. Men….you guys just don’t get it!  I mean honestly, for the most part, you just don’t get it. I am lucky enough to have a voice, a voice that I will use toContinue reading “Me Too #thisis38”

A Girl’s World

The post was written by a Teenage blogger that found me this week.  When inquiring about the Teenage Spotlight series, she asked if I would share this post for it.  Well, it didn’t fit that feature.  However, it is well worth sharing! Sometimes I wonder how many boys walk down the street and hear whistles,Continue reading “A Girl’s World”