Good Day

Almost exactly 3 years ago now a friend of mine passed on. A friend who was like 35 years older than me. I had grown up in church with him as a leader. He lead us in Sunday school, in youth groups and in mission trips. Jim was one of a kind. My heart stillContinue reading “Good Day”

It is 2020 people!!!!

Last night my husband and I stood in the kitchen and talked as I was preparing dinner.  Then again while we were tidying up from dinner.  A conversation that was making my heart ache.  How could someone the on the outside seemed so much like me, think something so different?  Believe that this behavior wasContinue reading “It is 2020 people!!!!”

Thankful Day 13&14

Well…I got on to start writing yesterday and I honestly couldn’t think of the smell that I was thankful for ❤ I mean really, a smell?? OK so here goes….Day 13 a smell I am grateful for…the top of all my kids head!  Each and every one of the 6 of them.  The best smellContinue reading “Thankful Day 13&14”

Ten Minutes: Your Words Matter

Who in your life could use some words of encouraging right now? I have someone who is very dear to me going through something that isn’t easy.  When you know it is right, it isn’t easy.  Even if you know that it is for the best, it isn’t easy.  You can know in your heartContinue reading “Ten Minutes: Your Words Matter”

Trying something new…

I am going to go into this new year and transform my daily “topics”.  I enjoy having a specific goal/topic each day it really helps to keep me focused.  I am a “green” personality and if you want to check out what that means…go here. Here is the description for my “green” personality: TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS TheyContinue reading “Trying something new…”

Stephanie C

A friend of mine wrote this about me and it made me so happy!  I had to share it.  All I have ever hoped for in going through my experience, the ups and the downs, was that someday I could help someone! Looks like maybe I have 🙂 Wednesday’s are going to be my daysContinue reading “Stephanie C”