The Collaboration

Jess at Not The Average Mama is my kid’s Stepmom.

We found each other on here, not knowing that we were following each other.  In that time I was writing real, raw, honest posts about my life, my past and even about her.  She was doing the same.  The whole time we were genuinely supporting each other.

At the end of April 2016, I realized that it was her.  There were a few things in a certain post that just stood out to me and I knew.  Then these two posts followed that!

I Know and Thank You

It turns out, I was right!!

Jess and I are now working together to shed light to the fact that Stepmom’s and Bio-mom’s can in fact get along.  We still haven’t got it all fine tuned and we are very open to suggestions.

Collaboration Between Mom & “Step” Mom

Real Housewives of Co-Parenting Households: Extra-Curricular Activies

Jordan’s Dance Recital With Her Moms