Mother in a Blended Familyl

Today’s Whatever Wednesday post is a shout out to something that my husband posted on Facebook for Mother’s Day.

Paul is very good with words.  When I opened up Facebook, while I was leaving church on Sunday because he had “tagged” me in a post, I started crying.  This is what he said.  “My wife Stephanie has set a new precedent for being a Mother in a blended family. She doesn’t have any step children. she just loves the people God has put before her.”

We don’t always see eye to eye.  We don’t always agree on everything.  The one thing that we have always been on the same page about is, these are all “our children”.  Yes we have 6 kids.  He came to the marriage with 3 and I came with 2 and since then, we have had 1. Though all of our kids refer to each other a “brother and sister” not, this is my half-brother or this is my step-sister.  That is all nonsense.

Now, if the kids felt like that was what needed to happen, then that is fine.  They don’t though.  All they see is brothers and sisters that love them and it doesn’t matter how God brought them together.

I hope that the way that I have been treating them for nearly 5 years now has helped.  They are all my kids.  Yes, they were brought to me in different ways.  That doesn’t matter though.

I do believe that God called me to this journey.  I believe that is why it has never occurred to me to treat the kids differently.  To love them as anything else but my own.  The way that my husband put it on Mother’s Day was beautiful to me and I thought it was worth sharing.



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