Urine Analysis

I saw this post first thing Tuesday morning and I KNEW that I needed to share it.  I drink a lot of water and not because I like it.  I have grown to like it, but I know that it is THE BEST medicine.  Have a headache?  You probably need more water.  Feeling tired, have cramps or a stomach ache?  You probably need some more water.  Before I take any medicine for anything, ever…I drink a large cup of water!!  So, for those of you wondering…my piss is barely yellow!

I saw this urine wall chart in a restroom and I’ve got my tongue in my cheek as I ask such a cheeky question; how is your piss? One’s eyes may the window to their soul, but the toilet bowl is certainly a window into your body. The state of one’s piss (please bear […]

via Urine Analysis. This is not a pissing contest. — a cooking pot and twistedtales

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