21 thoughts on “It’s been 3 Months!

      1. Oh god so embarrassing but no. It’s more like I need to really want to or it ain’t happening. Nikki’s down to 2 cigs a day!! I’m still at 1 pack lasting a day n half. Deep down I do want to quit but when I’m around everyone I know n they all smoke it’s so hard. I wish I would of never started.

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      2. Sometimes I feel it’s a comfort thing as well. I use smoking a lot for my reason to bail on stuff to run outside and escape from the anxious meet n greets and public outings. It’s funny though, incan have the worst anxiety and can’t go in any stores but the moment I run out of cigs and home by myself, I make the effort to go into a damn store n get those cigs. It’s sad actually lol.

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      3. You can still get outside when you need to. I get up to go outside on my own when I am anxious. I need the fresh air and time to count so that I can cool down. I completely understand what you are saying. I’m 36 and this is the longest I’ve gone other than during pregnancies

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