Ten Minutes: Thesis Statement for Life

At the end of my devotion today Annie F. Downs asked the question what is the thesis statement for your life?

One might think that it took a little bit of time for me to come up with, but then it hit me.  My thesis statement is my objective on my resume.  I have had the same objective on the top of my resume since I graduated college.  Even though I have changed immensely, learned so much and grown exponentially…my objective for a job has always stayed the same.

To use my knowledge and education to help people enrich their lives.  That is it, it is very simple, but it is me.  In 20 years, I haven’t ever changed up that statement.  I mean, I very much live my life if you like me then you like me and if you don’t, well then…I guess I won’t be sticking around to help enrich your life.

Enrich means to: improve or enhance the quality or value of. (Thank you google search)

This is very much so my Thesis Statement for Life.  For everything that I do.  Even though there are different main points, they all fall under this one thesis statement.

Being an Early Childhood Professional, being a Mother, being an Instructor, being the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at my church, a Norwex and Young Living consultant, a Wife…all of these because I want people to have the tools to enrich their lives.

I have been reflecting a lot over the last 7 weeks or so.  Questioning a lot and also answering a lot.  I needed to read this today and be reminded of my objective or thesis statement for my life.  Remember that I can do anything, as long as it falls within the realm of what I was created to do.

*UPDATE: I found my resume just now and here is the actual Objective: To put my knowledge and experience to work in a capacity that enriches others lives as well as my own.*  Not too bad for a Thesis Statement for my life I should say!



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