Family Vacation

I took a week off from posting because we were on family vacation.

Last Friday evening at 8pm we set off in our 15 passenger rental van. 11 passengers total, making the trek from Detroit Mi to Daytona Beach Fl.

Us and our 6 children, plus my sister and her 2 children. With stops it was about a 19 hour drive. Traveling through 8 states total. Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Georgia then Florida. For us the road trip is part of the adventure. New states, new foods and lots of memories.

We arrived to Daytona Beach around 3pm on Saturday. My in laws, 5 of them total were already at the hotel. It was the first time 3 of our children were seeing the ocean. We had a wonderful seafood dinner, but crashed hard around 9pm. We woke up to wach the sunrise all together on the beach. It was beautiful.

We had breakfast, walked the boardwalk and dipped our feet in the ocean again. Around noon we headed from Daytona to Davenport (by Orlando). Met my parents at a brewery, enjoyed some pancake sandwiches and got some sun. Then we went and checked into our condo for the week.

On Monday we went to a Detroit Tigers spring training game. Our 9 year old was chosen to be the pizza runner. It was so cool. She won lunch for her siblings.

Back to the condo for some swimming, early to bed though because we were headed to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday.

The weather Tuesday was less than amazing. 54 and raining in the morning. Thank heavens I had come prepared with a family pack of ponchos. We enjoyed roller coasters, Turkey legs and fireworks.

Wednesday we relaxed. Laid in bed until nearly 1pm. Some more pool time and pizza for dinner.

Thursday was Universal day. Harry Potter world and just a day of magic. Butter beer, wands, ice cream and about 10 miles of walking.

Lastly, Friday. My grandparents drove up to our condo to visit for a couple of hours. We spent the whole day at the pool. Had a lot of Chinese food for dinner, all 18 of us that were on this trip together. Celebrate 3 of the kids birthdays to end our week together.

On Saturday we left the parking lot at 3am to head out on our journey home. Driving a different way this time, only 6 states. It took about 19 hours again. We tried more new food and enjoyed the time together. The last 7 hours or so it was raining pretty good, but we made it home just before 10pm.

We are all exhausted. It was absolutely the vacation of a lifetime. Both mine and my husband’s parents, some siblings, 2 nieces, a nephew and all 6 of our children. Experiencing new things, going to new places and making everlasting memories.

It took a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of planning and a lot of money. It was so worth it though. I’m so happy we could do this for our family. Now today, back to work.

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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