D is for Driven

“Determined to Succeed: Highly Energetic and Motivated.”

Being driven in life is something that I take great pride in.  I am a very organized and scheduled person, which leads me to be a pretty driven person as well.  When I get something in my head, it typically has come with much thought and evaluating.

Once I make it part of one day, then another, then a week it will just become a part of my routine.

Being driven in this capacity can be an absolute blessing.  It can usually strongly benefit those around you.  I wake up to my husband’s alarm at 5:35 each morning.  I don’t have to, honestly, I could stay in bed for another 60 or 90 minutes.  However, because of my drive to do things and to have my “me time”.  I wake up when he does.  I start a pot of coffee, make the lunches, then head back into my bed.  At this time I will write in my gratitude journal, write my blog and read my bible study.  Then if I have done all of those things I some days I will do a yoga practice.  When I start my days like this it keeps me driven all day long.

Back in 2002 right after I graduated college with my undergrad degree, I driven to go back to school to get my Master’s.  Not because anyone had suggested it, not even necessarily because I was going to use it, but because I was driven to do more for myself.  To get this degree, because I knew that I could.  In fall of 2003, I started my Master’s program.  I was living on my own, taking care of my own bills, working full-time and take 2-3 classes a semester.  I graduated in the scheduled 2 years, after writing a thesis that took close to a year, with a GPA that was 1.5 points higher than my high school or undergrad GPA.

In what ways are you driven?


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6 thoughts on “D is for Driven

  1. Driven – I can honestly say that the word ‘driven’ is not part of my vocabulary in regards to myself any more. I used to be driven professionally – in my job – to get ahead. But it took a lot out of me and in the end – being driven about a job is a bad idea – because companies don’t really care about their people any more. So I retired the idea of ‘driven’ and replaced it with of ‘just enough.’ Just enough of anything to obtain a goal but not to expend too much energy to exhaust my carefully guarded life energy. Wow, I think I could write a whole post on that topic.

    Good job.!

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    1. I’m really sorry that you feel that way. There really are companies that treat their employees well. I used to work for one…however my boss was a different story. I was driven in that job and worked my ass off. Which led to stroke incredible opportunities and solo gigs. I left that job last June after 4 years. It was being driven that gave me the power to do so. Now…i work for myself. Being driven is the only way I could make that succeed 😉


  2. I’m with E. I was “driven” to retire because I was in the Job From Hell, and a few months later I was “driven” to find a new job in order to pay the bills. While I admit that my new job is one of the best I’ve ever had, my attitude these days is to do “just enough” to keep my new bosses happy and to maintain my current lifestyle. Fortunately, my bosses are unusually laid back and seldom pressure me to take on more than I can handle comfortably.

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