Early on Blogging Advice

Yesterday, I had a girlfriend of mine reach out to me and ask a favor.

She said that she was really interested in getting started with a blog.  Since she knew that I blogged she wanted to know if I could give her some tips or suggest anything that could make her blog successful.

Here is the truth from my perspective.  Blogging is what you make of it.  You decide what progress and results you want to see in your blog and you can definitely achieve it.  It will take some time and patience, but it can and will happen.  Just stay true to you!

My advice is to be purposeful with your blog.  I have been blogging regularly for about 9 months.  It is only since the beginning of the year, that I decided each day would have a specific theme, since then my stats have skyrocketed.  I guess I am not totally sure that those two things are related, but in my head they are.  LOL.

My second piece of advice is to spread the love!!   Follow other blogs, take time to read them, comment on them and like them.  When you see something that really hits you, ask if you can reblog it on your site.  Give shout outs on your blog to people who have helped you and don’t be afraid to tell others on their blog how much you like them.  I have been doing this much more since 2016 and it has paid me back in dividends!!

I started only really sharing with my friends and family through Facebook.  I really, really appreciate their support.  I Love that my parents, sister and husband read my blog everyday.  The truth is though, that those people are who I share my feelings with on a regular basis already.  So, it is really exciting to know that people in Israel, Pakistan and Argentina are reading something that I have wrote.  Someone in Australia has taken the time to post a comment and tell me that they like my post.  Or that I can understand a blog that someone in Maryland wrote, so I reach out and let them know I hope they have a good day.

Blogging, I believe is meant to make you feel good.  It is such a beautiful therapy and I am so grateful to have found it.

So, just to reflect, I think there are only really 2 big pieces of advice.  1) Blog purposefully, for whatever that means to you!  2) Spread the love in the blogisphere and it will come back ten fold.

Good Luck to my friend who asked me for advice.  I can’t wait to start reading, following and loving what you share!

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

7 thoughts on “Early on Blogging Advice

  1. I started blogging to try to temper the pain of having been betrayed. It took a while for people to find my blog and when they did, it opened up a whole world of support, praise and sympathy. I wish I could personally meet everybody who has “spread the love” to me. I only hope that I can give back to somebody else, that what has been given to me.

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