Quote Challenge: Day 3


Megs over at Midnight With Megs just nominated me for the 3 day quote challenge.  We have slowly been building our friendship on here and I really appreciate our conversation and her posts.  Go check her out!

I have been nominated for this challenge a couple of times and I always enjoy it!!

As is typical for challenges, there are some rules:

  • Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own.
  • Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you


I JUST used this Quote in a post last week.  But, it seemed VERY important to use for the last day of this challenge.

Something that I still very much am working on is how everyone see’s life differently.  I have a very black and white view point, I’m working to find the shades of grey.  This will forever be part of my lifelong learning.  When I take a few minutes to think about things, I always can think about it from this point of view.  Though, right off the cuff, my gut is to be like “Ugh, why would they do this?”  So, I am very aware that this is something that I need to work on.

The point behind posting the quote though was because of someone I have been dealing with lately.  Someone who is all too concerned about EVERYTHING I am doing (and everyone else is doing) ALL of the time.  Before, After and During, constantly putting down your choices and your life.  Shaking her head, scolding and shaming.

If you worried/focused half as much on your life, as you do mine, I bet things would be MUCH better.

It takes all kinds of people, ideas and view points to make this beautiful world go round. Let us focus on business a little more and stop getting involved in others!

My Nominations:

A Mother of All Trades

What has become of Parenting

Fiction is Food





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3 thoughts on “Quote Challenge: Day 3

  1. Like you, I have a very black and white view of things and I have been criticized for years because of it. I don’t know that I can change but I do know there have been and will be times when shades of grey are visible. I guess that’s a start.
    This was a great post. 🙂

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  2. I recently learned to think this way, and have felt very free since I began to concern myself only with how I approach things, and understand that others are going to approach life their own way based on their own life experiences. I don’t want them to judge how I’m living because they don’t know my full story, and I realized it was only fair that I not judge their choices/approach/life because I certainly don’t know their full stories.

    I don’t always remember this, but when I step back and remind myself of it, I actually feel better when I remember to only concern myself with my own business. I love this quote!

    Thanks for participating!!

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