Sharing the story of:Harambe

I wrote a post this morning about this Gorilla…here is a News Story giving more information.  In case you hadn’t heard of it and were interested.

CINCINNATI (AP) — The director of the Cincinnati Zoo says it remains safe for its 1.6 million annual visitors despite a weekend tragedy in which a gorilla was fatally shot to protect a 4-year-old boy who had entered its exhibit. Thane Maynard, however, said a review is underway to determine any improvements that can make…

via Director: Zoo safe despite shooting of gorilla to save boy —

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3 thoughts on “Sharing the story of:Harambe

  1. I heard about this and like so many, my immediate thought was “why couldn’t they have tranquilized him?” Today, “they” expounded of the reasons they chose to kill him. I’m ambiguous about keeping animals in cages and “fake environments.”
    I can’t help but wonder how we would feel if we were on display.

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  2. My three year old is a runner-awayer. He can get far fast even when I am paying attention. I have to be very cautious of where we take him, and some places I won’t unless my husband is there too, just for reinforcement. Maybe it was the parents fault, but I know what it’s like to be on that end. It sucks and is not on purpose. Either way, this is terribly sad.

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  3. It’s awful that this beautiful animal had to die. I’m personally questioning the zoo and how that child could even get into the enclosure in the first place, surely there should have been something in place to prevent that happening. When the child was in there surely tranquilizing would be more appropriate? The child would have been in a very dangerous situation, but I feel it could have been coped with better.


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