What Do You Think About…Kisses on the Mouth?

After reading all the controversy about Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter on the lips (if you haven’t heard, go here), all the shaming and hating about it.  It got me to thinking!!

How do you show love/affection to people?  Who do you kiss on the lips and who don’t you?  When does that become comfortable or uncomfortable??

There aren’t many people that I don’t or wouldn’t kiss on the mouth to show them that I love them and respect them.  I kiss all 3 of the younger kids on the lips, they kiss me on the lips and I DON’T think that is weird or there is anything wrong with that.  Now the older 3 kids, they already established their ways of affection before I came in the picture.  I let them lead what they were most comfortable with.  They always get a kiss, usually on the forehead or cheek.

When I was a teenager, I remember establishing boundaries for kissing.  There was a few years there where I DID NOT kiss my Dad on the lips.  That is because it is a weird time where you are attracted to boys (so the kisses are for them) and so Dad is a weird person to kiss.  Now, every time I see him I kiss him on the lips.  Along with my mom, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law and MANY other family members.

Also as a teenager I decided that I would be kissing my friends on the lips as well.  I remember holding my ground with my then boyfriend, talking about what was an wasn’t appropriate.  He used to get slightly weirded out that I would kiss my guy friends on the lips to say “hello” and “good-bye”.  Then, he just go it.  I kiss my best friends (that are girls) on the lips every time I see them.

So, in short…I think you can kiss whomever you damn well please on the lips.  As long as they are comfortable with it!  What Do You Think?

kissSealed with a Kiss!!  XOXOXOXOXOX


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10 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Kisses on the Mouth?

  1. I kiss my husband and my kids on the mouth. My kids are 2 and 4 and really maybe I should say they kiss me on the mouth. I don’t mind as long as they are comfortable with it. That may change as they get older, and that’s fine.

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  2. It is a cultural thing. My European friends all kiss their kids on the mouth and no one thinks anything of it..it is the Americans that all seem to freak out about it. Whether it is due to their puritanical upbringing, an idea that kissing the lips is strictly for lovers, or some other reason I really don’t know. One of my kids (the 38 year old) still kisses me on the lips to say goodbye, hello, goodnight etc. the eldest though is far more circumspect and it is a hug and a smack on the forehead or cheek.

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  3. I don’t think I have ever kissed my children…as adults. My dear friend who died of a brain tumor, always kissed me on the lips…right in front of the Loser puppet. He never said a word.
    My boss in EMS kissed me on the mouth and so did several of the part-time firefighters. (Didn’t really bother me. They were all easy on the eyes…and lips…LOL)
    There’s nobody now who I would be comfortable kissing on the lips. Actually, there is nobody I would even kiss.

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  4. The whole Victoria Beckham thing made me laugh because, well, we kiss our children on the lips all the time!
    But it didn’t start out that way for me though. I never kissed my family or anyone on the lips growing up, it’s just something my family didn’t do. Now enter Matt and the kids….the kids use to try to kiss me on the lips when I first met them and I would turn my head. It got to a point where they began grabbing my cheeks to hold my head still LOL
    Now it’s just the way we all kiss our family. But I mean hey, I can give you a big kiss next time I see ya 😉😘

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  5. Being French Canadian means a lot of kissing friends and family members on the cheeks. My dad, lived away and never outgrew the kissing us on the mouth like he did when we were little 😊. As a teenager I thought that was weird now as an adult I don’t mind. If that’s how dad wants to greet me, kiss me goodnight and say goodbye, that’s fine with me. My 18 year old daughter still kisses me on the mouth. One day, if she wants to change this, I’ll be fine with whatever she decides.

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