What Do You Think About….Winter Holiday Cards?

What Do You Think??

Do you send out Winter Holiday Cards?  Do you spend hours online picking out the right ones?

Do you send out just a few to close family or do you have a mailing list a mile long?

When I was a kid my Mom use to send out hundreds.  Even when I was younger I would give out many more than I do now.  I do believe that this is a lost art.

The Lost Art of Christmas Cards talks about how many people choose technology over traditional greetings.  I don’t think that it  matters very much which way you choose to spread the cheer, just so long as you spread it!  I love opening up my e-mail and seeing that someone has reached out to me just because.

Well with Paperless Post, they make it so simple.  No matter which way you want to go. Want to send out mail traditionally or online, they have you covered.

Christmas, Holiday and just about anything you could imagine sending out a card for. When it comes to Winter Holidays, I myself enjoy sending out “New Years” cards.  A universal holiday that joins each and every one of us.  We all celebrate the start of a new year.  Something beautiful and simple like this one, I love.

New Year Greeting Card

My husband and I got married on New Years Eve.  With just a few months to plan the entire celebration we ordered and sent our Wedding Invitations, our Reception Invitations and our Holiday cards online.  Can you believe it, even Wedding Invitations and how simple!


You don’t have to stop at the holidays.  I mean who doesn’t love receiving a card knowing that somebody else was thinking about them.  Think of all the great reasons to send friends and family greeting cards year round.  Whether online or paper, we should all send greetings more often.  After all, with everything going on in the world, we all need something to smile about.

Thanks to Paperless Post, I will be sending out Holiday cards for the first time in years. They make it so convenient and I can customize them to suit my sassy, non-traditional preference.



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8 thoughts on “What Do You Think About….Winter Holiday Cards?

  1. I used to just sent out electronic cards. But now that I’m away from home, I sent out paper cards to close friends and family. But will still be sending my mass electronic cards to everyone else…… Hope to get a Christmas story from you for my Holiday Guest Blogger 🙂 You can find the link in this morning’s post. Happy Holidays!!! xx

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  2. I’m a no. We make a donation to charity instead and have done for the last five years. For me it’s to do with the waste. I know they can (sometimes) be recycled but I’d rather not create any in the first place 🙂

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  3. Not buying many cards anymore. Just a handful. We usually make some for the couple of people we want to send cards to. I prefer giving some of the money spent on cards to a charity. It’s spent so much better this way. Not that I think people don’t deserve well wishes for the new year but a phone call is worth a lot too…

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  4. This our first year sending out Christmas cards. I was reluctant to send them out years before. I am so proud of my family. We have been through a lot and I want to celebrate us. I enjoy receiving them from friends and family. I plan to make a garland out of them. It’s one of the little things about the holidays that give me pure joy. I know this sounds sappy, but it’s true. My husband thinks I am a holiday nut. He is right!

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  5. If cards get sent at all, they are almost always New Years cards, cause I can’t get my act together.
    I have a friend and she sends Valentine’s cards. Cause she really can’t get her act together. LOL

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  6. Normally I intend to but don’t get around to it. This year I just edited a family pic in pic monkey, sent it walgreen’s with a coupon code, got 50 for 10 bucks. Viola. It’s not fancy but it’s more than I usually do.

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