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Making Time For Me in 5 ways

Making time for yourself is so important.  Sometimes when we reflect we realize that we need to be more purposeful in doing things for ourselves, other times I see that we are already doing it.

Last week I didn’t make as much time for myself.  As I am sitting here starting to write this, I can realize that I am not being purposeful in my time for myself.

  1. On Saturday we went out to eat.  We very rarely go out to dinner with more than just 1 of our children.  Well we took 5 kids out, so that I didn’t have to cook.
  2. I stayed in bed extra long yesterday, after getting out for about half an hour to cook breakfast.  I just didn’t feel well at all and  my body was telling to me to take a break.
  3. I went to the gym 4 times last week!
  4. I decided not to go this morning.  Paul and I stayed up late and I wasn’t feeling 100% yesterday, so I took the day off.  No guilt!
  5. I packed up some of the house.  I had time with nothing to do, so I just got some shelves and some breakables all wrapped up and ready to go.

Last week was a crazy week.  Lots of programming at work with 2 full days at a conference. Hopefully I will take better care of myself this week!

How Did You Make Time For Yourself??


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