Tuesday is for Transformation

I’m not going to share all my numbers with you right now,  as that seems of little importance.   Lol… only because nothing has changed. 

Although,  that in and of itself can be cause for celebration.   I haven’t been working out very regularly over the last 2 months.   I also haven’t been paying particular attention to what I eat. 

I got back on the wagon yesterday.   Stepped on the scale and took my measurements to know what my May 1st starting point was. 

I’m still 10 pounds down for 2017 and I’m 20+ inches down.   So,  I’m starting with that and going from there. 

My half marathon training for Love Runs has an intense schedule with very few rest days.   I’ve trained for halves before and did 4 training days and 3 rest days every week.   That worked for me.   So,  instead of beating myself up for not doing 6 or 7 days of training every day,  I am just saying that I choose to do it differently.   Under a plan that works for me. 

To look at my body all I want for my body is for the loose skim around my stomach to get a little tighter.   I know that will come as I’m training my inside to be strong enough to run 13.1 miles.   Then who knows,  maybe I’ll be brave enough to sign up for a while 26.2 after that. 

Transformation is what you make it.   In 2017 I’ve been living a life of the Law of Attraction.   I’ve been modeling what I want my life to be,  living the life I want and putting that in the forefront of my mind on the daily.   That is the real transformation!!

How have you been transforming in 2017?

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