Month of Thanks Day 2

Today I’m going to share my thankfulness for essential oils.

Yes, yes… in this family we use essential oils all day long. As a natural room deodorizer, in lieu of fabric sheets, drops to flavor our water and for relieve when our body is giving us problems.

Last Friday Noah was in the hospital with croup. Only there for a few hours, but he continued to not feel the greatest for a few days. Anyway, I made a roller blend of oils to help his breathing. Instead if vicks or another rub i could’ve slathered on, I decided to go natural. Noah loved the smell and the way it worked and begged for more everyday.

On Tuesday my 9 year old daughter called from school with a stomachache. Well, turns out she hadn’t been able to use the bathroom and her stomach was cramping as a result. A shot of digize with some water and she was using the toilet in no time!

My husband tweaked his back a couple of weeks ago. His muscles are sore and after a day at work, he wants some relief. When he looks at me and says, can you get your stuff and rub it on me…well then I know the stuff is good.

I drink a lot of water. Sometimes, I want flavor, but I’m really trying to back away for artificial sweeteners that are in liquid water enhancers. A couple drops of lime or grapefruit EO in my water and I’m good to go.

Earlier this week I had a toothache. I really hate having to take medicine. So, instead I used clove oil to numb the area. I did this a couple times, a couple hours apart and I was better in no time.

Every single night the last thing I do is fill my diffuser. Water and some oils. Oils for peace, calming and to help be restful.

Our family has oils all over the house. We reach for them first and give them a chance to bring relief.

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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