Best Life: One Week In

Last week I wrote a post called Best Life where I talked about my health goals for the year.

Every Wednesday I will check-in here, so you all can hold me accountable!

I have done Yoga with Adriene for the last 8 days strong and plan to continue. Man, do my days just go better when I start them with Yoga and I do mean start. I wake up to my husband’s alarm at 5:35. I make us coffee, then come back to bed to prep a post. When my husband heads out the door to work between 6:15 and 6:30, I am at the mat. This is usually before any of my children have woke up and is the perfect time to come to the mat for some quiet me time.

I am only keeping track of a handful of numbers this year, because it is more about how my clothes are fitting. Though here they are.

Starting Numbers (1/2/19) This Week (1/9/19)

Weight: 168.8 162.2 Hips: 41″ 40″ Waist: 39″ 36.75″ Bust: 40″ 38.25″ Thighs: 24″ 23″

So that is 6 inches down in a week, which is a pretty big deal. I will totally take the 6.6 pounds. I am sure most of that is water weight (read that beer weight) from the Holidays.

I stayed strict to the Keto diet this past week and my body is feeling fantastic. Made some awesome new recipes, so that it doesn’t get boring. I have been drinking a ton of water (and some pickle juice). Paul and I decided that we aren’t going to have a cheat day/beer day at all until Super Bowl Sunday. Which would make it 4.5 weeks of straight Keto before then.

How are you health goals for 2019 coming along? Please share.

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