One Empty Glass

Yesterday I wrote about a couple of things that I talked to my Therapist about on Monday. Those posts are Therapy Yesterday and What Do You Think About…GUILT.

There was one other thing that we touched on in the last few minutes of my session.  A negative person in my life who has been sucking the life out of me.  I wrote about this person a little bit last week in my post Stealing My Joy.

I felt like if I had started referring to this person as Stealing My Joy, then they were probably worth me bringing up in Therapy.


Here is the thing this person is a constant bucket dipper, a constant source of negativity and just a complete bummer to be around.  I have to see this person nearly every  day.  I try really hard to get along with people.  To do things that I can to please them and help them out.  However, after all the crap that I have taken from her, I now just sit and nod.

I spent hours with her yesterday and I just nodded.  Smiled, answered the questions she asked and I nodded.  I continued through my day, worrying about me and it all worked out!

She isn’t in charge of me in any way.  She isn’t what I would call my friend.   So, why am I so worried about how she treats me?  I no longer do.  I have realized just in the last couple of weeks that she is doing this to EVERYBODY.  She isn’t playing favorites, she isn’t secluding me, she is very equal opportunity dumping on everyone.

When I told my therapist some of the stories, she just shook her head in complete disbelief.  She also seemed pretty proud of me for not ever losing my shit over it.

Yesterday after a conversation with a friend, whom is also dealing with the crap, she simply said “I’m sorry I can’t do anything to fix it for anyone.”  I told her, that I don’t think that anyone can fix it.

Then I said this..”We all make choices.  Choices to be glass half full or half empty.  I’m pretty sure her glass is nearly always empty and she’s constantly looking for someone else to give her a refill instead of walking to the fridge and filling it herself.”



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12 thoughts on “One Empty Glass

  1. Its so nice to know that those Negative Nellies no longer have control over ones self. I have had a good friend from ages back (high school) that we lost track of each other. By the power of FB, she found me. I decided to give it a try, knowing her behaviors, etc. Well, she went all postal on us about 2 months ago and thought that her behavior was acceptable. We have now cut her out of our lives. She is still on FB, but I do not see her post. I am a lot happier letting her be her and knowing I dont NEED to be around her.

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  2. I’ve had to deal with people like that myself and I’ve evicted more than one toxic person from my life.

    I recently had one such toxic person try to come back into my life. Since they no longer know how to directly reach me, they chose to send a message through someone we still have in common. My response? “My circle is smaller than it once was, and my standards much higher. I’m sorry, they no longer make the cut”, and I left it at that. I just don’t have the time, or the desire to deal with someone that I know is still bringing negativity to the lives of those around them.

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