Teenage Spotlight: 3/11

As everyone walked by, various expressions gazed at my makeup that was carefully lathered onto my skin. My effortless curls bounced up and down as I strutted down the hallway. I did my best to put a stunning smile upon my face as my PINK water bottle dangled from the tip of my fingers, but only depression struck my heart when I heard each girl laugh with their friend as they did one another’s hair. Only tears crept down my cheeks in an effort to look flawless.

I’m Victoria! For years now, I’ve been struggling to survive dramatic hardships throughout my teen years. In 2017,  being a teenager includes the same basics as it always has: a new, very emotional, dramatic situation every minute. Beginning a blog, for me, is the easiest way to calm myself down and release stress.

One of the most difficult things for me to deal with when I became a teen was getting along with people. Almost immediately, friends would ignore me me due to my personality, looks, or wealth/ or lack of. Being the judgmental beings teens are, it comes natural that we want friends that will best represent our reputation. Those that don’t are chosen as the center of gossip. Therefore, it was hard to find individuals who accepted my love for beauty, and my spontaneous, crazy personality. Throughout middle school, so many of my classmates spread rumors about my attitude towards others being ‘disrespectful’. People I thought to be friends used words I wish not to mention behind my back. For the longest time, it was incredibly difficult to find myself a group of friends that I got along with. When that time came, I became one of the girls gossiping and judging others. Throughout my experience, I had to learn to adjust to my surroundings and accept others. Teenage drama makes thriving positively almost impossible. No one, not even the most well known beautiful beings, as a teen is satisfied with were they stand. For us, nothing is ever quite good enough. This is only the most basic struggles I’ve noticed teens like me have faced.

Why is it that we must have a certain degree of beauty to fit in? Too much or too little can lead to exclusion. I’ve been through so many various phases to find the look I was happy to have. With the beauty advancements we have in 2017, we use our teen phases as an opportunity to explore our options. This,through time, teens make it apparent that you must be beautiful in order to be content…

Whether you have yet to face, are in, or have already experienced your teen years, you can only truly understand a teen if you are one. I vision teen years as a series of consistent transformations into hell. Because people can only understand things from their level of conception, we search for a simple someone who’s willing to listen to our issues. However, the hardest part is accepting that other teens are so busy with their own issues that they forget to listen to others. It’s incredibly difficult to begin understanding so many different parts of our lives at once. As we get smarter, we learn to recognize, but not understand our emotions.

I wish I could simply go to someone and have someone to relate to, but that’s simply just a fantasy. All at once, I’ve experienced a series of confusing emotions. I don’t know who I am, or what I want for myself. When I look at others, only jealous and angry thoughts cloud my mind.

Sorry. I’ve turned this post into a series of phrases pouring out my enclosed emotions. Honestly, though, that’s what I envision myself and most other teens as: emotional wrecks. That’s why I began my blog, Teen Inspirations, to help others who might one day be capable of avoiding situations I dealt with improperly. If you’ve read my blog, I may post like I have everything together, and I understand how to thrive through these agonizingly emotional years, but I’m honestly just as a mess as the rest of you. Some are just better at hiding it that others. In order to give advice, I had to have been through the same stuff, right?

Compared to most teens, I’ve had the most glorious life as a teen possible: I’m known to be beautiful , I’ve developed great friendships, and I’m wealthy. However, for me, not understanding my emotions or myself was hard enough to handle.

I wish I could describe more how horribly difficult teens have it, but I am required to keep a low profile. Overall, I am still so thankful I have these years to find myself. If you’ve read my Most Inspirational Quotes for Teenagers  post, you’ll recognize this quote, “It’s okay to be a glow stick. Sometimes we have to break before we shine.” I envision the teenage years as the phase in which we break, only so that we can truly be satisfied with ourselves as adults.

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