Thankful Project Pt. 3

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I have been working on this once a week, adding the things that I am grateful for.  Here are my previous two posts Thankful Project: Pt 1 and Thankful Project Pt. 2 and then a list with the things I have already given thanks for and my 7 for today.

1. My children.

2. My husband.

3. My bank account.

4. Fall in Michigan.

5. Insurance.  

6.  My laptop.

7.  Jobs.

8.  Dishwasher, Dryer, Washing Machine…modern conveniences.

9.  My agency Shareholders meetings.

10. Comcast

11. Crock pots!


13.  Mortgage Pre-Approvals: Paul and I have been together for 5 years and have been renting that entire time.  We have lived in 3 very different houses, but always had room for our family and were happy.  Now though, we are looking for our forever home and I couldn’t be more pleased!

14.  Beer:  LOL…I love beer.  All different kinds, trying it with my husband is one of my favorite things ever.  We love going to new breweries, trying new beer, picking up the latest craze and most of all doing it together.

15.  Work meetings with Food: One of the ways that I do get spoiled at my current job is getting lunch provided to me on what feels like a weekly basis.  Yesterday it was a wonderful Ruben sandwich, potato salad, sour cream and onion chips, an oatmeal raisin cookie and a soda.  SOOOO good.  

16.  70 degree weather in Michigan on Nov. 18th: I got home after my meeting and I had an hour until the kids were due home from school.  I went for a walk.  A 3 mile walk and it felt AMAZING.

17.  My 4 grandparents:  Every year I make sure to let the world know how much I appreciate having all 4 of my grandparents here with me still.  I have been blessed for 36 years to have them in my life.  Now, my children have known the love of their great-grandparents as well!

18.  My parents:  They do so much for us.  At every turn they are helping in whatever ways they can.  Whether it is a loan, a dinner or a coffee.  They take good care of each of us, both the adults and the kids.  I couldn’t have asked for 2 better people in my life, in Pauls life, in the kids life.

19.  House Hunting:  Today we are going to look at 4 houses.  We went to see one last night that we both liked, but need to see these others as well to make a well educated decision.  We are taking 3 of the kids with us, the ones that are with us more than 50%.  They will help us to make the decision, give us their input from the kids point of view.  WISH US LUCK 🙂


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